Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garage Sale Tally

Our Garage Sale was a total success!

We had some really great stuff , quality items both new and used and we have safely packed away everything left over for the next one.

Thank you so much to everyone who traveled way out here to bring us such great pieces and to those of you helped by coming to the sale, helping us set up and take down, selling , buying and spreading the word!! The pigs even have a popcorn treat waiting for them here. Friends of the pigs were back here at the farm doing waters and pen work while we were working the sale so it couldn’t of gone any better then this!

Some extra stress occurred Sunday when Moms 16 ½ year old dog wandered off in unfamiliar surroundings in our garage sale mayhem. We were setting up again before opening and all of a sudden it was , where is the dog? Nancy walked one way and i walked the other thinking she was just a few houses over. Then we jumped in our trucks , an hour later nothing. I suggested before we went out again we make signs and get them up while we are searching. We had signs up all over and thankfully a wonderful family had brought her to safety at animal control. The old pooch had her tags on but we were in Mission not at her Maple Ridge home. Moms little dog went to church!!! She must of just hooked up with someone walking by and kept on going. That family saw our signs after getting her to animal control and again reached out to the shelter to update them with a contact number. When she arrived back at the sale she was no worse for wear and seemed to be quite happy for her little adventure. A little dog who never would leave my Moms side , did, so we must never take things for granted as the “never would do this “ does happen.

We made 2x the average garage sale figure then we normally do and brought in over $800.00!!!!

The past week was a busy one with getting all of our garage sale stuff over to my sisters, the tables and in this rain. Also making sure i had all the feed and produce well stocked as there would be no time for running back and forth to town to do that too. I also had been contacted by the SPCA in Power River that a little pig was there and i got the word out on face book. Paula one of our volunteers who moved over to the island saw my post and luck would have it they were now ready for a little pig of there own. I came home to a great update that Leonard was safe and sound at his new home and that he loves peanuts!! Can't wait for pictures!!!

The picture is our Comet , taking a break last week before this rain front came in.


Caroline said...

Hey Janice,
tried to get over to your garage sale but had no ride :(
Do you still have items on Ebay as well? If so, can you post the url for that?

Colleen said...

$800....yay!! Wow, that is really good!!

And I'm really glad that you had some great news about Leonard. You're due for great things!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you and loveing the lovely special piggy post. Willy looks so great, what a face!

Jean said...

I'm so glad it went well, Janice, and that Nicki (am I remembering your mom's dog's name right?) had an adventure that ended well! I can only imagine the stress that caused all of you.

I love that photo of Comet!

Paula's over here? An assistant Vancouver Island Liaison? LOL - so glad she took Leonard in - there are so many pigs out there needing good homes, and he sure got the jackpot.

veganelder said...

Congrats on doing well with your garage sale. Good for you! Good for the other animals that are lucky enough to be with you!

Anonymous said...

Yay. That is amazing. Well done.

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks everyone!!! Here is a link to one item i have on ebay - then you can click on my other items .

Will be adding more tommorrow!!!