Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Tinsel

What a beautiful day!!

This morning while catching up on here and checking out face book the sun shine caught my eyes . As it touched the large shrub beside my pond , she lit up the snow on the tips of her foliage. The light danced and flickered like tinsel and this drew me outside.

Buddy and I got out there after chasing two house pigs out into the snow too potty. I gathered up some hay and carried it out to a nice sunny spot for the horses. There is nothing more beautiful then horses, as there color is spectacular this time of year . Fuzzy coats are thick in winter growth against the snow as i allow this natural occurrence with my horses. I only put there blankets back on to warm up two wet horses last night. Perfect timing for them as we wake up to our arrival of snow .

After watching the horses we went out back to the gate that takes us beyond the fenced area of our property. Behind it and down below is a creek that also feeds into my neighbors pond. I can see my neighbors white geese enjoying there morning swim with her Muscovy ducks and i smiled when i saw a wild mallard peeking out from behind the flock.

Buddy and I climbed down and plowed threw the thickets of brush and salmon berry bushes as we headed to the water. Buddy leaped over the creek and i considered following him over as i still haven't been on that side of the
water. However I chose to save that adventure, for another day.


Anonymous said...

Love, Love your blogs.
:) keep up the good work love.

dirtyduck said...

"Buddy and I got out there after chasing two house pigs out into the snow too potty"

but they dont WANNA go out in the wet, icky! lol we have to do the same! glad you are enjoying your home, companions, and nature.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Happy New Year, Janice! (Just a tiny bit late:) Your writing brought the "dancing light" images to life. Looking forward to a description of the "follow Buddy across the creek" adventure.