Sunday, January 2, 2011

Suzy's Story

When i loose one , i need to write and speak for them and share there story. We didn't get to make a story , we didn't get to even know each other. I never saw your tail wag , i was cheated , you were cheated in that i never got to see you enjoy life here. You came here hurt and i couldn't fix you. You came here to be saved, rescued from the cruel world you left behind and I took your life.

I am angry that you weren't taken care of. I am angry that the powers involved didn't see this and set me up for the heart break of only to loose you and with my hand doing so in two short months.

I am sorry , i am so sorry sweet Suzy.

I am not sorry you came into my life. I am not sorry for hearing your gentle oofs when you knew i was coming to you. I am not sorry i got to feel the gentleness in the way you took treats and food from my hands. I am not sorry that i had to get you special things to eat because you were special. I am not sorry for cleaning your eyes and fussing over you. I am not sorry for kissing you and kissing you. I am not sorry i stayed up with you all night to keep you covered. I am not sorry for tucking you in and gave you nice pink wool blankets . I am not sorry i held you up so you could eat your noodles , drink your water and juice. I am not sorry on Christmas morning for feeding you pretzels and fruit loops. I am not sorry for when we played get your nose and get your ear. I am not sorry for stroking your face and feeling your softness in and out. I am not sorry for telling you that i loved you so very much. And i am not sorry for removing your pain.

I will never forget you Suzy, we did have a story after all. And still, i am so sorry our story has ended so soon.