Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre Christmas STRESS

Is every one ready for Christmas??? I'm not , me and my big mouth of lets have it here means dog hair, cat hair and pig bristles along with dust balls the size of a bunny have got to go. And what am i doing , oh sitting here waiting for the rain to let up so I can feed the pigs without them getting too wet while there eating.

I spent all day yesterday wrapping presents , ALL DAY!! Well no true i spent an hour in a frenzy as i couldn't find some things i bought and thought i was loosing my mind. The little bag was found ( pre -screaming) behind the laundry basket.

Buddy is doing well and is getting the program around here down to a tee. I still need to fix and out side space for him when he prefers to be when the pigs are out but that will come. I am off now until Jan 5th and he actually seems happier with all the attention he has been getting. In fact he was so pooped out from a nice long walk the day before he slept in until 11 all stretched out on my bed.

Well i better getting going here , me being here is not getting anything cleaned dusted or put away!!


dirtyduck said...

right i know! my husband was working on our RO unit and now since one of the pieces is wrong, we wont have water till sometime tomorrow. why now? and my christmas cards werent sent out on accident, i cant find the perfect second gift for my friend, im going crazy over here too!! i think the animals are feeling it too, whenever they notice me running around more all they want is to be held and comforted.

Lorrie Smith said...

Yes, I am ready for Christmas, but still wondering how I will pull it off with 5 pigs this year AND company for most of the day! Sometimes I think I am nuts. :o) There's just nothing like sitting down to Christmas dinner with the ear piercing sounds of an erupting piggy argument in the next room...or trying with everything in you to pretend there's not a little pig gnawing on your company's toes under the table as they eat. BRING IT ON!!! I can handle it. :o) Merry Christmas Janice!!!

Janice Gillett said...

I know i am trying to tidy, clean and do laundry and am in the tiny laundry room with barley enough room to turn around and the dog is tossing his toy at me.

Janice Gillett said...

LOL Lorrie, me too!! My family no problem but my sisters hubby is not used to this crazy life style!

The spider in the web in the corner STAYS!! ;o)

And please no one look up LOL

Jean said...

LOL - Tell Brian if he doesn't like the mess and chaos, he can start volunteering there one or two days a week. Or at the very least wash all the dishes for you after the meal!!

I am ready for Christmas - pretty much by default, because I no longer do the present thing (except for one gift each for a couple of people in my immediate family), and I moved far enough away that I can no longer be called on to host Christmas dinner! There's method to my madness of moving to a teeny town a boat trip away from relatives!

Forget the house, keep the meal and gifts simple, and the family will love it anyway. And, hey, the piggies provide entertainment beyond any Christmas movie or game!

Colleen said...

I am ready!

Sort of!

Thankfully it is just my son and daughter in law this year for dinner. So noooo stress. I just need to tidy it up a bit and cook dinner. Loving it!

My strict policy ( since my son turned 19 ) of NO gifts for humans works out freaking dandy. It's a no stress deal. Pets get the gifts.

Birthdays I DO freak on. Everyone needs to to be celebrated once a year!

Seasons greetings Janice. As well to your pack.

Great to hear that Buddy is wiped out! Good on both of you!!

Janice Gillett said...

I just can't see Brian in rubber boots LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Went shopping yesterday and bought the pigs " fun food" for there Christmas feast. And Rhonda and Craig who are/were Tory's family brought over peanuts and banana chips to add to the feast. How kind of them to do this as Tory is in Heaven now.

I have two rooms left to go then the vacuum gets hauled out. I actually got some Christmas stuff out too and my little trees are lit up.

Maybe that is what we should do next year Colleen, I like that idea!