Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Wrapping

Is it too late to say Merry Christmas?? LOL I guess we are all leaning to the Happy New Year now ;o)

Mom was here for a few days so we could share Christmas Eve together and open presents in the morning. We have done this for years after Dad died and then my Mark .

Mom and i went out at about 1 when the rain stopped to cheer up the pigs with there Christmas goodies!! We passed out the 'fun food' and took pictures of everyone having there Christmas goodies. Some not vegan but i can't hurt peoples good intentions when they bring treats for the pigs.

Lenny is in foster and Karena is awesome. She writes me an update every day and i a so happy for Lenny to land in love they way he has. She loves on him, gets him cheerios and covers him up every night. He is under a heat lamp and lots of straw. But Lenny did not snap out of his depression and he was on and off his food, moving his bed.. unsettled and now a snotty nose. Tomorrow we call for our farm call Vet Dr Herman Geertsema , so we can get him on some meds.

Suzy who arrived over a month ago is failing now. She arrived with a limp and was getting up every morning to potty. A few days after arrival i rushed out when i saw her out and realized she has a large mass over the right hip area. Now either she has been really kicked hard and is suffering from a mass of fractures or there is a tumor in there.

Suzy came from a place where she had no warmth and no shelter and her fight to survive was constant. I believe now that she is warm and safe , the adrenaline to survive that kept her strong is wading now. It has been a battle to get her to eat , anything. And Christmas fixings worked well for two days. But she is a worry and i want to bring her in the shed with Penny but do i stress her out in order to do that and hurt her more? And then there is my surgeon Dr Ken Mcquisten who is out of the country until January 6th. My appointment is on the 10th , will she make it until then or will i have to call Herman to let her go? .

I have been giving her a variety of pain meds but she did best on the homeopathic one so i have been giving her arnica twice a day. And i crawled into the house to get her to move out as i see no signs of her being outside to potty. I had been hand feeding her at night but i still thought she was getting up.

Going vegan i had given all my tuna and canned salmon to Mom that i had in the house accept for one tin in case of a sick pig. Tonight i went out armed with a can of peaches and a tin of salmon. Suzy went to get up when i gave her a mouthful and this time when i went to help her she didn't get mad. She ate with gusto and wanted more. She ate all of it and when i came back with apple slices she was still standing up in her house. I really hope she is starting to feel better with a little help from homeopathy.

Well i hope everyone had a great Christmas , i got an awesome pair of boots from Dave and Pam. Lots of goodies from my sister like two new brooms for the barn and slippers and pj's for me. Mom gave us kids some money so i am going to get a new vacuum.


Lorrie Smith said...

Sorry to hear about Suzi, I hope things will work out. I have yet to lose a pig and can only imagine how much it will hurt. Hopefully she keeps improving.

What is the deal with tuna for a sick pig?

Janice Gillett said...

Fish is iron packed and great for anemia. With her not eating full meals and getting what she needs as far as vitamins and minerals i have offered this to sick pigs in the past and they always eat it.

When she ate everything last night and then stood up to get more it was the fist time in days she has showed interest in the food and that made me feel relieved when i came in last night.

We have snow this morning but I will get out today and pick up some other nutritious goodies to encourage her to eat.

dirtyduck said...

happy new year Janice:) i was giving out some belated Christms wishes also. im so sorry to hear about some of the piggies that havent been feeling well, thank you for making them as comfortable as possible. i know when my pig ate a bar of soap(i know right?) and was sick for two days, i felt so helpless. staty warm over there.

ps i think you are right on about the adrenaline keeping the one pig going. what a rough life. why do some have it so bad?