Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tortilla is no better and no worse.. tomorrow will tell much as then he would have been on all these antibiotics for at least three days. I added a new one last night... He is resting comfy on a stack of blankets in Penny's house. Between me checking on him every hour he has the close company of another pig. He is never alone...

I have gone threw the morning with the norm, Meds to Tory, jucie and apples. Carrots for all the pigs breakfast except for Panda Man i took some pellets and a cut up apple. Hopefully his pen and house will be ready for Saturday. And one of the guys is here working on that and yet it feels so quiet here . I have reponded to emails and net worked for two pigs. Did the dishes and handed a extra carrot to Mouse. I talked to Wayne my shed guy on the phone for a little bit too and Mouse is now oofing behind me. The sun is out , the birds are singing and the water fall in the pond creates a ripple in the water, There is movement, sound and light.

I went down stairs and got the fly masks for the horses and gave them a good brush. No need for halters and lead ropes , my two girls stand in a row waiting for me to love on them. Brushing there beautiful mane and tails out, with a reward of alflafa for being so good after.

And as i went threw all of these rituals if you will today , it felt like i did them all in a trance. My heart is heavy with worry for Tortilla and even though with all this going on around me my decisions regarding him are mine and it can be quite lonely.


Jean said...

The decision may be yours alone, Janice, but know that the heartache is shared. I am thinking of you and Tory today.

Give Tory a wee bit of luvin' from me and tell him his fans are rooting for him.

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you Jean..and will do !!

Anonymous said...

Can we have a pic of panda man?
Hope you're o.k. over there.
a & p

Janice Gillett said...

Scroll down on the Blog ..Wilbe is Panda Man

Black Jack's Carol said...

Also thinking of you and Tory, Janice. Whatever your decision, we all know how much love and dedication go with it. Tory is in the best possible hands.