Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tortilla Flys

March 23,2003 is a significant date for two reasons. Willy my beloved first pig would be going to heaven, and secondly because this is the same day 9 year old Tortilla arrived.

Going back and forth from Willy to Tortilla had me ask him for a kiss too and unlike Willy’s gentle Eskimo kiss , Tory just about knocked me over. The following day Tortilla was in his house and I was sobbing over Willy and talking out loud to Tory about how I understood what it is like to loose someone you love. Tortilla’s human father had succumbed to cancer so he would be grieving too. With tears streaming down my face Tortilla came roaring out of his house towards me and me trying to get up and give him back my reaction he went flying over the water dish and got away. Welcome home Tortilla.

I tried to give Tortilla little things he had been used too when he had his family. Spending nights in the big house and getting peoples food on occasion and covering him with blankets on the couch.

Tortilla took a long time for him to accept me, and I accepted that he would always be his Dads pig but this was totally different when it came to my Mom. Tory came to life when my Mom would come over as she cooed “Tory its Grandma , your Grandma’s boy aren’t you” . His eyes would get bright and his nose would be raised to her with a waggy tail.

Tortilla’s heart also was with his horses. I have pictures and movies of him laying with them, getting nuzzled by Dior and grazing together. Last year when he was notably slower he still will walk all the way out to the pasture to be with them , if he was close to his herd he was happy. When I moved all of us here I made sure his paddock would back onto the horses fence, by the barn so he could always be near them. And when we moved Tortilla into the shed to care for him Dior would poke her head threw the opening of the top portion of the barn door. She felt the same way about him as she looked over to her friend.

Last night for his dinner I brought out ice cream and pears his favorite. Tortilla could not hold himself up and rested on his side . I hand fed orange slices and I cupped my hand under his face to catch the pieces that would fall out the other side so I could pop them back in there. We had a good rhythm going some times. And while I fed him we talked about old times.

And I told him if he could get up I would stop all of this so if he wasn’t ready he better try. But this morning he could barley swallow a sliver of a piece pizza and I found the second little piece under his cheek later .no struggle this morning to try and get it back in his mouth.

I told Tortilla that Willy told me it was like a warm rush when he flew to heaven. And that Willy said pigs do have wings and Tortilla got really still and quiet when I shared this vital information. I told him he was a good good pig and that I loved him so much . I reminded him of how perfect he is , perfect nose , perfect ears , nice bristles and a kissable snouty.

And I took off my ball cap and gave him a gentle kiss this morning. My sister and a good friend Jane surrounded him while Tortilla got sedated and I went threw what I had already told him that I would be right here as the doctor gave him something to make him all sleepy , it wouldn’t hurt and then he would fly. That he would see his Dad there , something I promised him a long time ago. You will see your Dad again Tory , your going to see your Dad.



Colleen said...


Tortilla was so very lucky to have had so much love and companionship in his sweet life.

Very sad day.

sobe said...

I bet Tortilla is telling his dad right now how wonderful you have been Janice, and how his grandma was equally wonderful and I bet Tortilla's dad is sending you smiles from Heaven for taking care of his beloved babe.


Melissa said...

That was beautiful Janice. I saw how much you loved him when I was out last weekend and I know he knew it as well. He is with his Dad now and not in any pain. Thank you for loving him when nobody else could.

Jean said...

Fly free, Tory. I bet your dad is all smiles tonight to have your spirit side by side with his. I suspect the both of you are smiling down at Janice.
What a lucky pig you were - first a loving dad and then Janice and her family to love you too.

Black Jack's Carol said...

What a beautiful tribute to Tortilla, Janice. I am so sorry for your pain. It takes great courage to give so much of your heart. But, your comfort will be knowing that Tortilla absolutely and certainly knew without the tiniest shadow of doubt that he was loved.

Rattie said...

Such a beautiful brought tears to my eyes. Tortilla was so lucky to be with you. I'm very sorry Janice.

Lolly said...

I got tears in my eyes when I read are such a good mom. What a blessing you were to Tortilla and what a beautiful ending to a beautiful life. I am so sorry for your loss.

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you every one for speaking so kind of both Tory and I.

Avalon Butchart said...

I bawled reading this! Tears streaming down my face and onto my lap. Makes me think of our old piggies that we were unable to see to the end.
My condolences Janice.

Janice Gillett said...

Avalon your two pigs had a big adventure and i know they were loved.

tabitha said...

ah, it is a grand day when pigs fly...what a wonderful good-bye janice--you made me cry
how lucky torilla was to be loved not only once but twice
it's clear you are a very special person and my gratitude and hugs are being sent to you for being such a wonderful caretaker for the pigs
this always brings me comfort, "As we sadly say good-bye, there are those in a far more beautiful place waiting to say hello."

Janice Gillett said...

"As we sadly say good-bye, there are those in a far more beautiful place waiting to say hello."

Loved your written word here .. ;o)