Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pigs are Sentient

The picture is a contrast to what i posted last time. We are so lucky, the animals even more that i would create a place where pigs could run free, eat those flowers and roll in a cool pool on a hot sunny day. They are mischievous and i have moved the tubs from one place to another to protect them. And i find myself muttering "pigs" lol .

I seem to be on some quest now to demand changes!! That the public on the whole would never do what is done to those suffering creatures in animal factories. But every time we put one on our plate we are in fact doing it over and over again.

People don't want to read what i am saying here and they certainly don't want to see horrific animal torture chambers on my blog. We don't like what the human race is doing in these factories but there aren't enough of us saying it and to make the changes fast enough. Please, look at who your eating.

I want to tell you about our Carport Penny and what happened to her last night. Pigs do not like change and anything new can be quite disturbing to them. Enter the carpet i put down last night. This is to extend her walk from the carport to her dinner now carpeting the rocky driveway. I have to get her moving farther every day here so she can loose some of that fat and get the weight off of her legs. The driveway is hard for her to walk on in her condition.

Penny did everything she could to get to the food without going near that carpet. The red carpet was rolled out past the carport and right by the custom ramp built leading up the front porch. Penny edged along without touching that carpet and ended up on the ramp. I left her with head hanging over the 2" drop of the ramp staring at her dinner. As stubborn as she was being so was I and I thought for sure the need for dinner would out weigh her fear.

At about 9:30 last night i went out to make sure she was all safe in her bed and she was not there. Wishful thinking had me smiling , did Penny go for a walk around the front of the house??

The picture tells the story of where i found her and then i told her she can't stay up there. What if she rolled over in her sleep and fell off?? And as i spoke to her i reached down to kiss her snout. Her nose was dripping wet and in disbelief my eyes diverted for seconds looking for a source of water. Touching her nose with my fingers i wondered if it was blood. It was not blood, it was tears from an over fed pig who cannot see, cannot move around good and is trapped in her own body. Think if you will what brought such immense sorrow that she cried and cried until i found her.

Pigs .. are not just pork


sobe said...

oh poor Penny! How scared and confused you must have been! Tell momma not to do that again and then you promise that you will try and walk a bit more, but maybe with momma right there.

Hey Janice, would Penny like to play? Is there anything that she'd love to play with that would get her moving a bit?
Just a thought!


from Caroline

Janice Gillett said...

I felt aweful!! And there has been days where she walked on that gravel driveway but like us some days are better then other days. Still, i need her to get more excercise and thought a little tough love was acceptible here.
Pot bellied pigs as adults unlike the big pigs are totally only motivated by food. "play' would involve food somehow. Digging a hole to china to find a nut deeply buried by a blue jay is there kind of play. But your right, i will devise something that will give her more excercise for her dinner . Such as putting it in a paper bag where she will have to find a way to get it out of there. Or an empty cereal box much like a dogs " manna ball". I could make one out of a milk container..will let you know tonight. Thanks for planting that seed!
I will deliver your hugs stat!

Tracey said...

It is the epitome of arrogance to only value those who are like us.

I look forward to the day when all animals are deemed "worthy" simply because they exist... simply because they value their own lives as much as we value ours.

Because love always conquers fear, you will gain your confidence back very soon... of that I have no doubt.

sobe said...

how about one of those rubber treat balls that they use for dogs? Would that work?
that rolls around so she'd have to follow it.

Hope Penny's feeling better today.


Tara said...

I wish I could visit with the pigs! If I lived near you I'd be over volunteering all the tiime! Poor little Penny! I think that I probably would have tried the "tough love" thing as well. I think that a manna ball would probably help a lot. I know that you will think of something because you take such good care of those pigs!

Janice Gillett said...

Yes one of those rubber balls things with holes in them. I remember them being called mana balls. I can make one out of an old milk jug. ( for now )

I dragged out her old carpet and am using that so she is ahppy again.

Will take some new pictures of her so you can see her swelt self ;o))

Janice Gillett said...

P.s. Tara i would love to have you here and if you ever venture this way for a holiday a sleep over for sure is in order ;o))

Janice Gillett said...

It is the epitome of arrogance to only value those who are like us.

So true!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowball & Laura said...

Hi Penny! Grunts to you! My name is Snowball and I live in the USA on a farm with my mommy. When I was a piglet, mommy used to get unbuttered, unsalted popcorn (air popped is best)and put it in a paper bag. This is a fun new toy, but we pigs are so smart, we figure out how to get to the corn pretty fast. Initially, though, the paper bag can just be rolled up at the end.

When Snowball was a growing piggie, he had a time of almost blindness due to his ingrowing eyelashes. When I wanted to call his attention to a certain thing he didn't know where it was, I would tap so he could hear it. Using something like that might make Penny feel less shut in a dark little place.

Try teaching her things using ONE piece of cereal or popcorn as the reward. She is getting the treat without the trouble!

Lots of bellyrubs, grunts & snouties from Snowball & mommy-Laura

Janice Gillett said...

Will do Snow ball!!

Hi Laura , yes i have had many pigs come in over the years fat blind.

If Danny looks like he is going to walk into something i say "bump" and then he knows to turn quick !!