Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday's Talley

The end of June has been challenging and there has been a few surprises to say the least. One of which i could never have foreseen in a million years and a life that will never be forgotten. PLEASE If there are shelter readers here or volunteers please see the pdf file under Freddy's pictures on this blog . Print off this valuable guide and get it to as many shelters as you can. Lives depend on it!!

Thursday night as i started to feed every one dinner i came outside and found Penny laying under/beside the guinea pig house. That is odd, and i spoke to Penny and asked her if she liked the little ones? I went back in the house to get some spinach for them and when i opened the hutch hatch little Jessie did not get up. He looked like he had simply laid down and died... one of three left behind in an eviction and rescued almost 4 years ago. The house seems so much bigger now with only Sundance and Billy and they mourned the loss of there friend too in the following days. And Penny laying close to the hutch tells me they too are friends and must share stories from the carport as well.

I have been moving the free chips daily by the wheel barrow and every paddock had some added and with some to spare. All the pigs have been enjoying picking threw it as it is mixed with tree clippings and some are simply enjoying the clean fresh bedding to soak up the sun on. It warms my heart after working so hard to see it is a welcomed addition to their spaces.

Saturday, Wendy and Wendy( yes two Wendy's) set up a booth at Websters Corners Days and spread the word about the good work here. Saturday has always been open house/work party day here and although i tried very hard to get off the property to see how they were doing it just wasn't meant to be. Haven't seen the girls but Wendy reports the booth looked awesome and i can't wait to see the pictures and hear more about there day!

Joe and Andrew arrived to do a project but i had come up with a more pressing one since the last time we talked. Don Juan needed a new roof and the eye sore of a blue tarp has been replaced now with the donated roll of roofing material thanks to Maggie. And the piggy in my kitchen is Don and I have to conclude this pig had been a welcomed guest in some ones home long ago as he came up the stairs and into my house with out reservation. ;o)) Don needs to be nuetered and still will challange me in a fear responce every once in a while. But he is a good good boy and we will get him done in the next few weeks and that will adjsut his hormones once i find some one able to help me with crating during the week.

While that was getting done Stephanie and continued on with what i had started with that pile of wood chips. Buddy was helping us too!!

A surprise visit from Vicky who adopted a piggy threw us by rescuing her before she had to come here. A bag of feed over her shoulder and a package of pictures to share proved how far she had come with a little pig who for a very long time refused to let her guard down and be loved again. But with constant loving from Vicki and the patience of an angel Baby now called Gloria is for sure a happy pig today!!

Then as we were saying good bye our artist friend Diana Durrand and her hubby arrived with her huge Flower Pig creation!! And 9 prints including one framed for us to collectively sell at our booth at July's fair. And a stack of her beautiful cards along with some gift card tags all with wonderful artwork on them. Pictures to follow later with some information on where we will be in July.

Sunday morning looking out to the gates there was a huge surprise waiting for the pigs! 32 bags of popcorn awaited them so we had a pig party first thing in the morning and it was a happiness shared!!! Thank you Donna for being our Lone Ranger yesterday!!

Mom arrived Sunday with romaine lettuce for the guineas and she did the dishes for me while i pulled Carport Penny's bedding apart. Out with the old and in with the new !!

Cory and Martin stopped out of no where and left with promises of making us some finger puppets for the fair. They travel from North Vancouver to help with the animals here and now that winter is done i hope to see them more often again. They do love the animals so much!! It was fun to show them around to all the things that have been fixed for the pigs since they were last here and of course to meet Sodas herd.

Well i have to go to town today , please pray I don't smash into anything when i get there!!

4 comments: said...

I love the video of you feeding the pigs. They're all arranged in a circle around you, doing that sort-of sitting that my dog does when I say "sit." You know: putting the butt down just enough to get a treat! All your pigs look so healthy and polite. They don't jostle for treats. They just wag their tales, step forward, sit. They're so beautiful! I love your blog! I hope you're feeling better. I think pig-activists just have such rough days sometimes. I know I do....

Janice Gillett said...

I know, life would of been so much easier if i had of just stuck with cats. Poeple 'get' cats. They donate for 'cats' and 'cats' get volunteers.
Ahhhh but a God chosen mission we are on and a worthy one for sure.
Yes and did you see Mouse move around the herd after getting her cookie to get in line in a differnt spot? Clever little girl... and hahah yes the unsit!! lol

Anonymous said...

I love the video: I just watched it again! There are so many things to see in it. And the pigs are so darned polite. They don't jump forward or push or anything. I love dogs,but I don't think dogs would be as polite as pigs. Your pigs find the whole situation so interesting, with you in the center. Then Mouse goes over to the camera to see if any treats are there! It's so funny. And the tails: all wagging like crazy.

Janice Gillett said...

Mouse is the head of her herd , she is the frist one out and the last one in. She watches over her herd in that when I come home she will be out of her house standing erect and alert to see who is coming. Cassandra dose the same thing but she is all about food, Mouse is looking out for her herd.

I wish my camera too longer movies so i could show you all more of the sanctaury. But i do have about 15 if you follow Utube.. see Rose my yorkshire taking a swim or in my ktichen waiting for treats.