Friday, June 19, 2009

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned!

Here is Penny's extension to her carport which really is the biggest pig house here!! And although we might think of wanting her to have her own house this has been the best place for her threw winter and now summer in her current condition. Don't worry folks the funds raised from the blog fund raiser for Penny's house is still safely in the bank for when she is ready.

Penny is moving so much better then she did when she first arrived. And you can see the substantial difference in her face alone from receiving proper nourishment and continuous exercise. Her limp has disappeared!! Good girl Penny!!!

The sanctuary looks awesome, everything looks beautiful right now! Every thing is so lush and green and the flowers just pop with color around here. The cherry trees are loaded this year and it is only a matter of days before they are ready i am sure!

The added help with man power around here from both James and Joe has really removed a ton of my stress with much needed gates installed and posts replaced. James was here for four days doing a sentence of community hours and Joe is the nicest guy you would ever want to meet and has continued as a volunteer and arrives every Saturday here.

And of course being laid off has been a mixed bag but a feeling of good fortune as well ! This past week i have spent much of my time in doors as i have the horses sectioned off half the acreage. And i am trying not to look at them and pouty pigs who want to come out as well but i have to be strong and give the grass a chance to grow around here. We most definitely need to move to a bigger acreage with this amount of grazing animals here. So hiding in the house from sad pigs i have been going threw closets and getting rid of stuff. Things i don't wear , don't need, have never used and bags have been leaving here to several of the local thrift stores who help others in the community. Organizing now will help when i sell and i am not packing stuff i don't need to pack and wow I am getting really organized.

My office with my new filing cabinet has everything in its proper place, easy to find and why i never did it years ago is beyond me. I have worked the last 30 years priding myself in being organized on the paid job and now with the extra time i got it together here.

I have a fundraiser coming up at a local fair where we will set up a table and help spread the word about the animals here at the sanctuary. Now we need to find some crafty marketable items to sell as donations are hard to come by for the pigs at these things. Diane has offered a stack of her wonderful cards with her beautiful artwork and Cindy is shipping some of her books from the USA to sell too. Any ideas or offers of wares drop me an email or give me a call at 604-463-4059 !!

There is a pig in trouble in Langley as he was left behind when his family was evicted. The by Law officer there is a kind man and this pig made his way to LAPS in Langley where he will be neutered on Saturday. With thanks to the awesome staff there and Sean who i have been working with. Now to find him a home stat or he must come here . It would be wonderful if we could find a sponsor for Freddy if he is going to join our herd. This shelter is not set up for farm animals and the constant barking of dogs is not a healthy environment for a pig. Poor little guy he must wonder why his family left him as they took there chairs..

How is it that material items become more valuable then a life????


Jean said...

I'm glad to hear Penny is doing well, and moving about more. Lucky girl!

I will never understand how people can just walk away and leave an animal behind! And, of course, I always wonder about the breeder that sold them the pig in the first place. GRRRRRRRR.

If those sulky piggies are Scotch and Soda and family, you tell them their former Foster Mama thinks they should be thankful for their TWO houses, and their mud wallow, and the entertainment of people coming and going. And I don't want to hear any stories of them busting out and running down the road causing trouble! LOL

Janice Gillett said...

I know Jean , it is where it all starts with the recklace breeders.

The other day your herd got me running so i had to tell them all the story about the boy who cried wolf. With wide eyed curiosity they listened to the seriouness in which I told it. They have been good as gold sicne ;o) Well Ricky is a good singer but there is a big differnce in the song these days !!