Friday, February 20, 2009

Wyatt takes matters into his own hands

Wyatt still has the catheter in him and its been closed since Monday. Prior to that when i would close it he would get really nervous about me approaching him and i would have to be really slow and gentle.

Tonight as i got ready to go out and feed to my horror the catheter tube had a huge sling in it which could only mean it had come out, deflated or he kicked at it between 5 and 7 and pulled it out. It was still in him but no way could it be in his belly.

So i slowly with syringe in hand and scissors while that pig stood still and then rolled over while i drew any air or saline out to deflate the balloon part and slipped the catheter out. And then i pulled out all the stitches. I tell you i was standing there dumb founded by the fact he knew..or how did he know and well its just beyond trying to rationalize. They are so smart.

And thank God he has been peeing on his own for five solid days.. and now I don' have the fret about should i do it today as the entire worry of removing the catheter has been taken out of my hands too. Thank God for utube as even doing that is demonstrated on line as i was trying to figure out what happened to the hole in his bladder after removal. Still don't know the answer to that ..will call the vet tomorrow.

That is a picture of the Little Warrior one fine summer day.


Jean said...

I love that picture of Wyatt! And what a smart pig to tell you when it is time and then to cooperate while you take care of things for him.

Colleen said...

Brains AND good looks. Good boy Wyatt!

I think Wyatt, being such an intelligent being, KNEW you were only trying to assist him with that dastardly catheter.

Isn't utube incredible???

Janice Gillett said...

He had a rough morning as did I but i guess that is just his little self reacting to the removal.

Thankfully Julie had prepared a strong remedy and he was happy outside on the deck, munching alfalfa and drinking cranberry juice by the afternoon. He is resting easy right now.

Homeopath said...

What a mug! Great Photo!

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you Homeopath, I will tell him what you said !!

He oofs in aggreement ;o)