Monday, February 16, 2009

The W's Pigs

Today is a good day as Wyatt was able to pee using his God given tools instead of our life saving ones. Thank Heavens!!
My worry for him started January 24th an emergency call here,a catherisation,two surgery's At Watcom Vets in Abbotsford, four nights sleep over for him at the clinic, countless calls to Dr Ken MacQuisten, Dr Herman Geertsema and Julie Lee our homeopathic. All of during a brutal flu , then getting laid off at work and then loosing two very close and special friends.
When i would sit with Wyatt as he stood in his potty corner trying so hard to push I would ask him to try again and to do it for Peppermint Patty and do it for Rocket i would urge him and I prayed to God, our healing angels and our spirit herd who fly in the stars. And to Willy who went threw this very same problem so many years ago. He who gave me my fears but an experienced ability to move when i had too. I love you Willy.
Wyatt had his worse day ever here yesterday and I told him last night that i hoped that was the worse day of his life. I knew last night was different as he was more comfortable. I left him in Paula's hands this morning as Mom was here yesterday morning . In the morning i close his catheter hoping in a few hours he will feel the need to go on his own . This is the only time i feel comfortable enough to race out of here for a few hours to catch up on feed and hay supplies for everyone here. Paula knows my routine for him and so off i went to get some shavings.
I knew in my heart today was the day but it is also hard to think positive when the down side is so brutal. And on the way to the feed store i looked up and saw a crow in last years nest fixing it up for her tomorrows. And it makes me smile and the gift of seeing her is a good omen.
When i got home Paula rushed to the door telling me to go out back and see what was going on. Wyatt was in his chosen potty corner, peeing on his own.
Its not over as we continue his care in the big house but this little pig who never would venture in here is now laying on his side in total comfort on a bed of blankets a few feet away from me here. A pig who up until a few days would be found on his tummy and a little over but now he is totally flaked out in here.
The night before as i sat here i looked up the meaning of his name and read it out to him " Little Warrior" and how fitting for this perfect pig package.


Colleen said...

Yipeeeeeeee for Wyatt!! What a true "Little Warrior".

This post has made my day. I can feel your mood way out here in Hope Janice. Yep, today is a good day!

Your speaking of the Crow in a loving way made me smile. It seems most humans fear/loathe Crows....stupid superstitions. I personally adore them.

lesley said...

Hi Jan,
worked out hopw to become as follower but still not managed to get this facility on mine.
Lets hope the cold weather is almost over, its hard for the anim als isnt it and hard for us too! Poor old Wyatt, you seem to have lots pigs from the natiuonal society there. Is it common to keep pigs over there, are they pets or breeding? I do wish i had been told about you when we visited Katies place, I could kick myself knowing we were so close to your sanctuary and not getting to see it/meet you, especially nbow we have connceted via the internet.take care, love lesley

Janice Gillett said...

I love every living thing and i really don't know how to put it into words right but i see only beauty whether it be spider or mouse. I never understood those who would look at any animal and not only think it but say it our loud in front of them how ugley or funny looking they are. Or not adopt one , or take action because of one cosmetic reason or another based on some perceived imperfection. Where is the heart ??

Lesley if you ever get over here again you better find me as i will you if i ever get over there.