Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Fog is Lifting

Wyatt is doing well and absolutely LOVES my Moms spaghetti too!! Last night i had gnocchi and told Wyatt i would save him some bites. Wyatt does this little excited fast nod to one side when he is excited about the taste he just had as i offer him more. Two bites for sure of anything for any of my kids here whether it is special or not. One bite would simply be a teaser so its a golden rule ;o) No doubt not the best of diet for what he has been threw however ever thing has its nutritional value especially my Moms sauce!

Finally the snow is leaving and is being replaced by rain and with it comes the mud. My thoughts are with getting some bark mulch to line the pathways and piggy yards again.

I printed off my receipts for the year and the newsletter is almost ready to go to the printers. For anyone who needs theirs fast drop me an email as i doubt i will do my big mailing this week. Newsletters that should of gone out before year end , we must acquire a few more volunteers!! And anyone who doesn't' get theres by at least March 15th, PLEASE get a hold of me. I noticed an address missing i had entered, so the software is not perfect and either am I.

I was out to Jeans ( Foster Mom to 12) on Sunday to give her a hand at the barn, gosh those pigs are sure cute and loved the red licorice i handed out. Second time i have been off the acreage in a month unless it was to run to the vets, get meds or feed for the kids. Oh wait , that is normal haha at least when i was working i got out of here more often. It was good to get out of here for a while and helped Jean out with our pigs as she has that nasty flu bug and it sure hangs on.

Now wheres my ice cream...


Jean said...

And the pigs and I sure appreciated your help, Janice!!!!

Scotch loves any kind of pasta - it is his favourite food. He will do a happy dance if he even sees a bowl of noodles in my hands. He says Wyatt has good taste in food!

Janice Gillett said...

Your welcome Jean and i am really sorry in my haste and worry of Wyatt back at home i left without doing the waters.

Anonymous said...

Sure is a long winter---we are still knee deep in snow but Ellie is now getting out and walking around the driveway seeking out sunshine! I give her costco bought blueberries to cheer her up!
Your story of Wyatt scared me! What caused such an infection? I am so glad he is better! I am learning from you!

Janice Gillett said...

And your winters are so much longer then ours. I loved the picture you sent of her in front of her new castle, nice job!!

Wyatt has kidney stones Gayle and it is common so common Mazuri has an acidifer to make the urine less alkline in the senior feed. They used to mention it in there little pamplet you could get. We see it more in nuetered males however females can get them but less common to cause problems as they may be able to pass them easier.
Blue berries will take the blues away that is for sure and an awesome antitoxin. Lucky pigger!

Colleen said...


Any possibility I could come out there this weekend coming up Janice?

I'd love to visit your honey pies, bring some treats, and of course visit you!

Where's the best place to buy bark mulch?

Very very happy that your Wyatt/Little Warrior is doing well!

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Colleen he is doing well!!! And no odubt i will feel comforitble enough to return him to his herd by this week-end. Jsut need to make sure!!

I got laid off so i am home and Saturday mornigns is work party here so that day is pretty geared to working with volunteers or new ones and gettign the work done. Saturdays there fore make a hard to visit day. But any day your welcome of course!

I was goign to call Haney Builders and ask how much for two yards for delivery to start. I really need about two gravel trucks full but i am still hoping to sell and relocate.. not sure how that is going to work with no job and the bank refusing to give me a mortgage now lol. Anyhow i hate to spend money if we arn't going to be here. Next task today will be to call my broker..