Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sharing is Not Always Caring

Sharing stories of animals in distress helps bring awareness if someone will get past the horror and read the post and be active in doing something to bring about changes. Sharing is not caring if all its doing is circulating the abuse and no one is actually doing anything about it except sharing it. Calling The SPCA is not enough but emailing every animal rescue in the area , calling emailing the city council , protest store fronts, use social media by net working , call the local veterinarians , call the local newspapers , animal advocates, animal activists groups , create a petition, put posters up, radio stations and for lack of better works be a real pain in the ass to everyone!! The animals need you to do this and if the animals need vet support raise the funds with all the contacts you have made and get them there., If you love animals and you see harm or abuse or feel things are not right, THERE NOT RIGHT and stand up and do what needs to be done!! I see some article in the paper about the farm where those calves are and the SPCA will not be laying charges even tho many animals died there from lack of medical intervention and many more will die there for the same reason . Another crappy petting zoo supported by the general public to fulfill the need to see baby farm animals and just like the one in Kamloops!! Where is the help for them?? STOP SUPPORTING ABUSE by going to any public venue that has a petting zoo, they are using animals to suck you in to going there and buying what ever they are selling.
And one final note if your part n the grande scheme of making change is being an Activist then where the animals are makes NO difference,,get to work!! Rescuers simply can't do everything here !! 

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