Thursday, December 7, 2017

Yesterday although i think i might have had two hours sleep i pushed through that as the temps have dropped and i needed to make sure my pigs were warm. I had a load of nice straw in the shed so off i went doing one house at a time. When i got to Gloria's house i was reminded of when she arrived and how her family told us she didn't like hay or straw in her house.. ( how the hell did she keep warm there ?) The fact of the matter is Gloria is quite vocal and the night before when i asked her if she needed to be covered and she gave her self a shake which signifies oh yes please and so i grabbed her blanket and tucked her. in. And today as i stuffed more straw in her house she told me all about how now she had to get up and fix her nest . I tossed straw all around her. and then i gently brushed it from her face , I popped a few baby cookies in that kisser.. I asked her do you remember your first day( pictured here before her new house came in ) and i made you a big nest of straw and it was oh so cozy??!! I went on , and this will keep you oh so warm and comfy under your heat lamp.. She does have a lot to say and if you didn't know better you might not understand and be confused about her form of communication. She has a good strong voice for a little pig and is a big talker when you lift up her door flap but she loves to be loved and just has a lot to say about it.
i think a lot of people don't understand what there chatty pig is saying to them and when people don't understand they seem to take it as a negative. and if they have any underlying fear they will take it as anger or irritability. i think how frustrating it must be for a pig to be talked too like they don't understand.or can't hear. PIgs have many voices , you need to know your pig to hear what they are saying.

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