Monday, July 4, 2011


My horses and I are very glad to see sunshine today as we hope our hay farmers will be able to get there grass cut soon. I have spent a ton of money on a ton of hay my girls leave scattered all over the pasture. Of course this last batch of hay bought is last years and a ton coarser then what my girls need. They are on the back pasture every other night and the grass is rich here so they are a tad spoiled. I can't let them on it every day as we need to share that grass with the pigs too!! They are on pasture but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

The first load i brought home and put away was hauled back out again the next day and added to all the pigs sheds. Pretty expensive hay for bedding!!! The pigs pick at it too so it is all good and i hope this sunshine lasts a few more days so i go buy fresh hay for my girls.

Not much help down here so every day i put in long hours working outside. Roxanne gave up two days this long week-end to help here. My washing machine died so she found a good one on Craig List so off we went to get it Friday. On the way back i spotted a little Scottish Terrier on a mission where he shouldn't be so i pulled over and grabbed him . Not neutered but his tags had his name and number so the family was reunited back here a few hours later. Harvey's family were very happy and left with a gentle ear full on getting him neutered and a few horror stories to encourage them to keep him under better guard.

The pools are out for the pigs and more coming thanks to Roxanne finding a bargain on ten pink ones.

I have had to padlock the gates when i leave as stuff is walking off the property to my shock here. Went to grab one of those metal rakes to spread gravel and not only did they take one they took the two that i had. It has to be someone who i welcomed threw those gates at one time so it is sickening to think they came back only to steal from the pigs when i am out shopping for them.

On a good note i got to work another day for the guys as Andre was sick and when i came home to my locked gates there were three huge bags of blankets left for them! YAYYYYYYYY!!

Yesterday Flower although timid was a few feet away from me when i rounded the house to get something. I sat down in the sun and suggested she join me and if she did I would tell her a story. Flower came and laid down a few feet away from me so after my story i came in and grabbed her a blanket. I look at this picture and see a pretty pig who is at peace with her surroundings and that means the world to me and washes these tired old bones away.


Jean said...

Aw, I love the picture of Flower on her blanket - though I think she needs some sunglasses and maybe some flip-flops nearby. Oh, and a nice tall glass of iced tea. :)

Pink pools for the piggies - how wonderful. I can just see Ms. Soda waddling over to one, beach towel tucked neatly around her tubby little tummy.

May your well stay full, your pastures green, and the piggies healthy this summer. I sure miss those sweet, sweet snouties raised in the air.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!! --and the fact that there are people like you in the world.

Janice Gillett said...

OH Jean , i too can imagine seeing Soda strutting her self with the towel after reading your words..too cute!! Last night for the first time she joined the petting crew at the gates at dinner time. Ricky, Fizzy and Scotch all wait when i come threw with the buckets to get loves first , now there was Soda.

"Animal Rights" , thank you and back at ya!!

Colleen said...

*giggle* Thanks Jean, now all I can see is Soda wrapped in a towel drinking a girly drink with a wee umbrella. No straw though in my that would just be silly!

And yahoo for you for grabbing the job you did!

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Colleen , now the work really begins!!!!!!