Friday, February 4, 2011


See Charlie’s cute picture!!! We were contacted last week about Charlie needing a new home as the folks after 8 years are moving and will not be taking Charlie with them. When I went to see Charlie , he did not look like he did in this picture. Tusks over grown, hooves in terrible shape with a dew claw sticking strait out !! YIKES!! Charlie was also under weight and his house had no bedding n it at all to keep him warm. Charlie went to the vets yesterday to get all fixed up and from there was transported into a wonderful foster home. Last night Charlie slept in a deep pile of straw after being welcomed into foster care by Karena with a nice bowl of peaches. Charlie needs a sponsor and a home. Keep your trotters crossed jean is doing a home check for us on Sunday.

Also see some cool news below!! Vote for Hoover!

Yes you have to sign up to vote and I normally don’t participate in voting things as we don’t have a huge following verses the cat and dog lovers . But some one entered us out of the goodness of there hearts so we will go for it!!

This is pretty nifty of two friends who sponsor Winnie and Casanova here!! Free download of valentines!!


April 3 and 4th In Maple Ridge!!!

We are collecting good stuff now and Ebaying choice items ( see Willmyheart seller id on Ebay ) to help raise funds for the kids here. I am getting ready to list a Hudson Bay wool blanket which is highly collectible , I think this item would do better on Ebay. We shall see!!

Please let me know if you can help our sale be successful!! 604-462-0958 or email us!! Drop off’s and pick ups can be arranged for good stuff.


dirtyduck said...

hoover is a pig at your place?

Janice Gillett said...

Nope, cute little guy though!! And maybe i should submit one next week!

georgia little pea said...

i came over from My life with the critters and just wanted to say hello.

i just had an awww moment. the pigs in that 1st video, that sit for treats... how cute are they? :)

have a great weekend!

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks for visiting Georgia little pea ;o) Love my babies!! soooooooo smart!