Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cost Is Mine And There's.

I knew something had happened at the pond when i came home from work Thursday and my fish weren't in there spot for dinner. Friday morning the pond looked empty but i needed to do water and dishes for the pigs and i went to work here.

Before i go out a facebook message tells me of a pig being advertised for free and i send out a message to Jean on the Island.

I scrubbed all there dishes, the water tubs and a few pools i left out to use as a water catch and a wash basin for the trays and dishes. I did the horses big live stock tank too and was pleased by late afternoon all my kids had fresh waters.

The sun was out and because i had all day to do this i enjoyed the day here while spending time with all the pigs. Instead of rushing by to get the job done i stopped to love on my babies. And Roscoe and i spent a glorious few hours going for our walk around the acreage. Out back he found some lush grass and i found a huge rock to sit on and watched him graze as his long tail wagged continuously.

I came in the house about 3 and was wet and tired and had a quick shower , made something to eat and had a rest before it was time to feed them all. A few hours later i came in here to sit down for a few minutes i looked out the window and to my horror there was a blue heron standing in my pond fishing.

Saturday is join up for volunteers and by 9:30 it was obvious it was just me and my sister. Nancy would do stalls and would work half her time out there for the horses and join me in the pigs pen work after. By 1:00 we were out of steam and the pasture still needs more clean up and the largest piggy pen is left as well as Roscoe's.

Sunday i was expecting visitors as well as someone new who wrote me about helping. I haven't been off the property since last Tuesday except to go to work and needed to restock the pigs supplies. The animals here are no different from your cats or dogs who need to go out early . The only difference here is there are 45 animals here - 41 of them outside who are expecting breakfast at the crack of dawn. My work out there starts right away which is why i book all visits in the morning.

A surprise from Chris who has five hours left on his community hours i got him started on the big piggy pen and i worked in the yard and on Roscoe's. And as i did i also i fretted over the pond and how i would have to net it now. Once my visitors left i would race to get the net in town at the pond supply store. I would add livestock wire first to save the remaining fish while i left here as Chris would only be here until noon.

By 11:00 and none of my visitors here yet , i made the decision to go to town now and get the net so Chris would still be here to let my visitors know i would be back and his presence would keep the herons away. If my visitors arrived on time once the tour was done i could race back to town to get produce for the pigs for our week ahead.

I got back at almost noon and Chris offered one more hour to help and so i raced against the clock to get this project completed as i expected to have to stop to greet my guests. I had to cut down all the bull rushes and remove them from the pond. Remove all the boulders holding the wire down , remove and roll up the wire and prepare to drape the net without it laying in the water.

Chris left and i worked as fast and hard as i could as there was a huge mess in my yard now that needed to be cleaned up and at 1:45 is when my morning visitors arrived here.

I am tired now and so are the pigs that are out and yet the peanut butter and jam sandwiches are distributed. Carpets for the inside kids put away and apples were much appreciated. I can't barely walk now as i have been on my feet for three days working here and i am out of steam physically and emotionally. I try to be gracious and friendly but i was so tired and no way could i now get to town to buy a weeks worth of produce needed for the pigs.

I had two hours to rest before feeding dinner and i haven't eaten all day .. and when i do feed the pigs i am exhausted. And Soda only added to my day by bumping me out of the way at the gate when i went into feed. She is in heat and food is the furthest thing she desires. I chased her around for about two hours in between feeding everyone and no way is she going back in. She is in a pen with 11 others and its pretty hard to get a pig in without letting the entire herd out for a free for all at 9 o'clock

And during the day i am fighting the emotions in the store and here while i work and tell the pigs stories to my visitors i want to cry my heart out for my fish who i didn't protect here. I am watching the birds who arrive to the pond for a drink or a splash trying to get to it. And if i find a bird caught up in this net i will loose it.

Once back in the house i sat here and Jean has contacted a family we placed a pig earlier this year and they have agreed to love this one off of facebook too.

Its Monday and i need a day off but i have inside work that needs to get looked at... and its 9 so i better return some calls here and then get out and feed the kids.


Anonymous said...

Janice, I've said it before, you are a wonderwoman. I honestly don't know how you do it on your own. You have double the animals that I have, and it seems that I have all I can handle, but reading your post, I feel I should be doing more. You are inspiring. I'm sorry your visitors were late, but I know they just don't understand that it's crucial that they come when they say they will, otherwise the whole day's schedule will be off. I hope when your day's work is done, you rest easy, and don't fret about the things that didn't get done. You work so hard, you deserve satisfaction at the end of the day. All the best to you and the hearts. Sherry

Janice Gillett said...

I know Sherry and i do shake off my stress as much as i can but as i get older the work is getting harder. I don't know how to say i book all visits in the morning and get it across that that is exactly what i mean. I am no good for nothing by late afternoon here and need to get off my feet. I need the strength to do what i need to do at dinner time and to take care of my special needs. I need more help... and then i would be a ton nicer to be around anytime

Jean said...

I'm glad we were able to find a place for the piggy quickly - hopefully all will go well with the transport down island this week.

The issue of fish and heron is a dilemma - the heron is only trying to feed himself in the way that nature intended, by fishing. I suppose in the natural world, the fish would not be in a finite location and would have a better chance of evading the heron and staying hidden. While we can protect the fish from the heron, I suppose there are option - not keeping fish captive, at least not when the ones there are gone, or finding out what else heron eat and putting out a heron feeding station (out of reach of certain piggies, of course!).

I'm sorry Soda gave you such a hard time. Those two troublemakers (Scotch and Soda) are independent characters - ya gotta love 'em!
I wonder if Soda isn't healthy enough now to be spayed?


Janice Gillett said...

I know my feelings for the fish whether they were trout or goldfish would remain the same had of i watched mating rituals and babies grow as i did here. And this morning who ever is left is still hiding and even yesterdays sunshine didn't bring them to the surface to feel the warmth. I didn't perpetuate the exotic fish trade they were born to the fish who were here when i moved in. But the urge to replace the losses in the pond is there ...

SODA is a brat as is her husband and although she is loosing some weight i would need to wait .. it is Panda and Sherman who have her crazy.

I will book an appointment for Panda next week and mull over taking Sherman in to see if Ken can remove the nut left in by the call out vet in his prior home.

Janice Gillett said...

OH and Jean thank you so much for everything you did for Lucy yesterday i am so tired today i am not even to think or write strait.

Lorrie Smith said...

Janice, I can relate to everything you wrote and feel as exhausted as you sound. Always remember that there are 45 lives out there who appreciate you so much...not to mention everyone who would like to be able to do what you are doing but are unable for whatever reason. The need seems to be never ending (and overwhelming) and we all need to work together to find the answer. Saying a prayer for you today. :o)

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you Lorrie , i feel better today as i do see many of my baby fish enjoying the sunshine today. And i have seen one of my bigger whites so i am hoping not all of the big ones are lost.

Sad thing is the crane was right where i feed them.. they ere right there for that bird i bet.

But another load of gravel is here and the inmates can only be here one day next monday.. and back at work tomorrow

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you for your prayers Lorrie i know they work and are being answered for the animals i am able to help. i could do so much more if i just had more help to do it.