Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Help Delivered

Over a month ago someone brought to my attention two pigs being given away on Craig List and I immediately contacted the keeper of these pigs requesting him to remove the ad and give me control over placing there pigs. Thankfully he removed the ad and agreed to work with us.

Face book was something I hear about and had many invites to join but i put it off as it would only add to the amount of things i had to do in a day. But if not for Face book i would of missed out on meeting some great people and one pig and then two more pigs might of missed out on finding a great home.

Some rescuers have a small fleet of volunteers able to rotate attendance and every facet of the rescue is covered from book keeping to fund raising. I am not so fortunate but the pigs friends around me are worth there weight in gold.

Alexandra works for a cement company and she went to her boss to ask for help for us. Friday night a dump truck with trailer dropped off two loads of gravel for the pigs paddocks.

Pam and Dave drove from Sorrento to help me for the week-end and they arrived Friday as well. We fed the pigs and talked until 1:30 in the morning and then woke up on Saturday and began moving the gravel.

Melissa, Dylan and Sue who each sponsor a pig drove out from downtown Vancouver with bags full of treats for the pigs and then the girls scrubbed piggy dishes and filled all the tubs with fresh water. Dylan helped out with the gravel.

Mike arrived to use up some of his hours he needed to get in and he started to move gravel into Roscoe's area as well.

I had started picking and raking piggy poops and then Lee and Laurie arrived to help me. They unloaded a car full of apples and treats first , broke down my cardboard and then refilled there car with our recycling. Then they took off and called out they would be back and they did and with lunch for everyone.

Can it get any better then this???????????

Meanwhile Jean on the island is working on a grant proposal for the pigs and a random visit by two friends who just happen to also sponsor 4 pigs arrived with a van full of produce!

Its a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! and so much is getting done!!! I wish i had of taken pictures and thankfully Melissa took a few and shared.

When work was done for general animal care then all of us jumped in and were moving gravel. Everyone body stayed as long as they could and it was just short of a full day. By 5;30 Pam and I were tripping over our feet and no way could i tip one more wheel barrow. Down to the Mill Pub for dinner and another night that ended late as we talked about pigs as we all could forever.

Sunday morning we drove about 40 minutes east of here but on the way home for Dave and Pam we stopped and picked up those Craig List pigs and off they went heading into paradise.

Last night Jean and I worked on the grant with emails and long distance telephone calls and completed it this morning.

Pam and Dave have reported in a few times updating me on the pigs progress in there new home and not without a few medical challenges. They are loved deeply already and have gone from scant bedding to heat lamps, blankets and deep nest of fresh hay. Both pigs are eating well and have felt the sun on there faces today and love in there new surroundings.

An extraordinary week-end and to all of you who made all of this possible from all corners of B.C. to another thank you so very very much.


Celeste50 said...

How wonderful for the many loving folks to share their love, their talent, their labour, their blessings, treats and produce, and bringing smiles to your face and all the piggies. Blessings to everyone that has helped out. Keep sharing all that you can to this wonderful cause, and to help Janice and all that she does to keep these beautiful critters happy, fed and loved. Please help keep the sanctuary going strong forever! Love and blessings all, Celeste

dirtyduck said...

what a great week!! all that fresh food and pig sponsors that come and visit! i know what you mean about meeting people on facebook (and blogger) you meet other people that care and love animals, its great.

Anonymous said...

Love the tale! You're a great writer.
Pigs on craigslist. Oh lawd.

Janice Gillett said...

Totally great week-end !!! Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

It's great what you all do! It is wonderful to know these pigs have found a warm & welcoming home.