Sunday, February 14, 2010

Muddy Rant

I just got in from poop scooping the farm pigs paddocks which are in a ft of mud and water in some places. With all the vegans, animal activists, anti this and anti that and all for the ethical treatment of animals why am i alone here?

I shoved the wheelbarrow a foot at a time and pulled my boot out in every step that i was able to take. Rose one of my farm pigs who is physically challenged returned to her paddock within 15 minutes of being let out. She is cranky and the mud is no doubt adding to her discomfort and while i stood there telling her i am sorry that i am doing the best i can by myself i started to cry.

Day after day i see farm pigs needing homes on top of the hourly cries for help for this goat, that sheep , a herd of cows, a hut full of rabbits and a barn full of chickens. While we are evolving more and more are getting a chance to get them out from under the life they were bred for and there is no where for them to go.

So much for Valentines Day ....this heart says unite!! And support or create the place, so they have somewhere for them to go. I spent over a half a million on credit for the pigs i brought home , who is going to help me pay for it so i can do better for them and bring more home?? Add the 22000,00 for the fencing and i need another 20,000 to finish it.

And i don't need suggestions as i do everything i can to bring help and money in here. Advertise, fund-raise ,net work, interviews, radio shows, tv spots , newsletters, websites, face-book , Blog and try to get more sponsors, homes, and even write major players to try and get them to see me. Suggestions don't help the animals here , there only caretaker is outside working.

Another Grant denied last week... i imagine the board looking at all the choices cat and dog rescues... what A pig rescue??? Pass...

Sorry for my rant..


Anonymous said...

Rant away.
I want to get volunteers to work some animal-rights and environment-week tables on campus in a few weeks and I literally don't know how I'll find them. Where is everybody?
Why don't things count on a daily basis?
Why does this always feel so lonely?
I'm sorry I live 3 provinces away or I'd come and shovel with you.
My guess about the vegans, etc, is that they don't know about you yet. I didn't know about farm sanctuaries myself until a couple of years ago. I cried and cried when flooded hog barns left surviving pigs being shot by cops until I heard about sanctuaries helping them. Didn't know you guys were out there --and I thought I was informed. We have to keep spreading the word. As well as shovelling the literal pig shit :)

Janice Gillett said...

It just gets hard to stay optimistic and that more help will come. I've been saying it for years LOL And yes i do have help and i couldn't of got this far with out it but i wanted to be able do more by now darn it. I am grateful and proud of what i have done but when your alone "in the ditches" your alone! Thank you for getting it A&P and D & T ;o))

Lolly said...

Gosh, I wished I lived closer for I would help you however I could. Alas, I live in Virginia in the United States. I so admire you and your tireless resolve to help these wonderful creatures. I think pigs just rock!!

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you Lolly, I think so too!!!

Susan said...

Rant away but keep your chin up are a fighter & summer is just around the (or less) mud & happy sunning pigs!
Look what you accomplished last are SUPER WOMAN ....LOL!

....oh, & keep hoping for volunteers because even supper woman needs help sometime!

Janice Gillett said...

Your right.. Up Up and Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy LOL