Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always Half Full

I am sure my life is not so different from anyone else in regards to the curve balls life throws at you.

The fact that i bought a decent truck and spent too much money only a few years ago that needed a new engine and then a transmission shouldn't get me down. And the motor went on the third trip to the vets in North van with the last of ten babies born to two pigs i agreed to take from the SPCA. Two turns into twelve and then the pig left here by who knows was also met head on. The computer i bought used, was replaced with a new one and then sent in for repairs 6 months later to some one else and it still is not operating as it should. I bought a new heater for the turtle tank and even that had to be returned as it didn't work. Free bags of feed met with open arms ended up at the dump all rotten didn't discourage me either. Applying for a grant, that was a complete waste of time, and the funds to mail it. As it was denied. Having an offer on the house and fear of moving and where, was enough to give me a heart attack but i am still here. The deal falling threw while i was out looking at new properties didn't turn me into a mound of mush nor did it send me into tears. The car wash fundraiser that was re booked because of miscommunication at the shop was to happen this Saturday was cancelled by someone. ( ??) I just found out after calling them a few minutes ago. No one would do this, as that call would have to be done by me and I never cancelled anything as no matter moving or selling we need the money . CTV called about coming out here to do a story and I didn't hear the phone ring because i was outside working.

Is this how life is for every body? I am really only going back two years, a few monthes, a couple of weeks , yesterday and a few mintues ago. And i could write a few dozen more things but i don't want to bore you as the flood happened before all that did and i can't seem to remember much before that happened now and maybe that is a good thing.

I seem to be one of those people who can take a beating and still get up, go ahead call me Rocky.

I will get threw this , I will!!!!!!!!

And one day i won't be beating my head against the wall and volunteers will come , fundraisers will happen and more animals will be saved because we have the money.

A case of apples is dropped off , a new friend helps me from Edmonton and another sponsor comes in.

And that is how i get threw the day here every day, oh and a waggy tail is the icing.


Anonymous said...

applying for grants?
let me see them before you send them; give me at least 2 weeks notice and I'll see what I can do.
part of my job is grant writing.

Jean said...

Janice, a new buyer will come along - remember, perhaps the timing wasn't right for whatever property is going to become your new home.

Addie, the grant (which we applied successfully for last year) was one of the Gaming Commission grants. Virtually every animal welfare organization except a very select few got rejected this year -the government decided to renege on its promise to use the lottery funds for charities and clawed back a bunch. Since animal welfare groups were in the last category to apply( ie, their deadline was the last of five that are spread throughout the year) grants had already been promised to all the other categories and there was nothing left. Even major organizations like Wild Arc (the SPCA wildlife rehab place) lost its funding, as did the huge parrot refuge here, and other animal organizations that have been getting the funds for years. It wasn't the grant application that was a problem, it is our lying, conniving politicians.

Anonymous said...

Lying, conniving politicians, eh? Persephone and I are thoroughly convinced that the big meat industry = the government. Look at Harper; he looks like a gigantic, toxic hot-dog with a hair-helmet.

Thanks for explaining about the grant. Still: I'd be happy to see what I could do if you ever needed it. I'm an English Professor :)