Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out of control

I had to work yesterday so when i got home I let Roscoe my big pig out. No worries i made sure the dog was in the house and went about cleaning his piggy yard. A stress free hour with him out as Comet was not and i wouldn't have to worry about my little escape artist. WRONG , the first thing i heard out front was 'beep beep beep" . Can't be for me Comet nor the dog are out and as i look up and at the same time i hear " is that one of yours?" I see Roscoe race across the street and head up the neighbors bridge. HOW DID HE GET OUT???????????? I ran for a bucket asking the biker who stopped if he could block traffic for me as i called out " here here here" while shaking the bucket my big pig raced towards me and we headed for home.

I took a walk about and found my nieghbors fence missing a few rails and pounded them back in.

The acreage is for sale , i want to move and rebuild and start all over with more land. Many of the pigs here need bigger areas now as they are bigger . Roscoe for one. But with the economy being the way it is , so many natural disasters and so many loosing there homes my house is not selling. I have used donations wisley and only maintainted what was needed here and not want i wished for. So i am stuck, and every day i hope today is the day its suppose to happen.

sigh.. its out of my control

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Jean said...

Hey, welcome to the world of blogging!!!
Eventually, the property will sell - but not until your new perfect place comes onto the market. When the time is right, it will happen.