Sunday, December 10, 2017

I wanted to post about the work done cleaning here this week. . Sean, Amy , Magda ,Jana and i were here doing the waters , cleaning dishes , adding bedding where needed, raking manure from pens by the wheelbarrow and feeding/medicating yesterday( saturday) The donated hours in labour added up to 20.. Our Wednesday crew Sean , Amy , Chris and Lynn doing the same work has a combined hours of 18. Mark also an integral member is here every two weeks and his 5 plus hours is a mix of build, repair and like Sean the heavy work such as moving gravel or bark mulch where needed . ( we keep gravel and bark mulch on site ) This does not include our artistic members who photograph and create for us, or our members who donate time tabling events or fundraising by way of selling goods for us on line or having garage sales. This also doesn't include the truckloads of hay and feed picked up and put away every month. the paper work , our accountant , runs too recycling by the truckload , hoof trims , tusk trims . rescue work, emails book keeping , phone calls or emergencies.
Work days and times are strictly regulated in order to reduce the disturbance's to the animals . Pigs are a peaceful species much like cats being timid and nervous so we respect their space and maintain the peace for them as best as we can.
When we are finished for the day working outside we are tired,, sore and dirty as we all work hard. None of us girls have manicured nails .. this ain't no petting zoo., This is rescue and a working sanctuary. We are not here to hang out , take selfies and look cool, we are here working for the animals. . . .

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