Friday, September 6, 2019


💚❤️💚 NICE SHOES💚❤️💚 has launched exciting footwear named after our 🐽pigs🐽 at Hearts On Noses , both 🐖Cooke and Abby🐖!!
So very kind as owners of Nice Shoe Joanne Chang and Glenn Gaetz always looking for a way to help us and if your lucky enough to buy a pair of these fab boots we will get a portion of the sale!!! Cruelty free Vegan!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE SHOP AND SUPPORT as its a WINWIN for all of us !!! Look for Abby's boots Look for Cookie's boots

Glenn said...
Here are the links directly to the boots.


Cookie (black):
Cookie (brown):

Monday, March 25, 2019

We Will Do Everything We Can

Scotch one of our senior guys has been having issues with what we and the vet assume to be a tumor or damaged bone from a bump in the past between his eyes and nose. . It's a nightmare and will bleed terribly then stop and he will look like nothing is the matter except for a bit of swelling. Not sure what I am to do with this in the summer but without medical support I am left and he to our own demise. There is no university here with a state of the art veterinary program and the fact is there are only three of those in all of Canada unlike our neighbors who have one in every state.
Scotch stopped eating and I thought oh man here we go , I'm going to lose him now too. But I will never let anyone go without a fight so on the second night of no eating I gave him a shot hoping that he might of just picked up an infection. . Medicam or Meloxiam can cause heat stroke so changing the pain med was the second thing i did.
The next thing to do is cook savory meals to temp a sick pig and nothing is off limits when i have a sick pig. 36 hours after treatment Scotch ate two peanut butter sandwiches, with the crusts cut off of course. He is now out in the sun rooting around the dinner area looking for let over's , I'm soo happy.
The moral of the story is never give up, try something else and go grocery shopping for anything your patient might want to eat.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Hearts On Noses Sanctuary says Jana reported in today after hosting our event table and we are thrilled to report a positive experience!! Our donation tin was filled and happy vegans chatted to Jana about volunteering and she was able to fill them in and tell them all about Hearts On Noses Sanctuary. Jana has been with us for five years and we are grateful for her commitment to the pigs and helping above and beyond for them. Thank you so much Daniela and Bernie for your art work and arrangements . A HUGE thank you to everyone at The Vegan Night Market .and of course the Waldorf and all the great volunteers who made this event possible. The pigs would also like to say THOINKS for loving them and sharing that love with them here !!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

An Icy Day

Its been really cold here and everyday i am faced with the challenge of keeping the pigs warm and the waters fresh and free of ice. I look out first light and see the glossiness of the ice winking at me and think ugh here i go again. Magda has been here helping me since Sunday and her words felt 'bad assed' packing her sledge hammer as we both set out to hammer out the thick ice from out of the rubber water tubs in each and every paddock here. 22 paddocks with the average of three tubs of water per except the bigger pigs have big tubs and are able to free the ice on there own. Nothing worse then looking out there and seeing a water tub dragged by a little pot belly trying to free the ice and get a drink on there own. i And thankfully Chris left her snow sled here so we could load four pails of water on it at a time and get the water to them all without carrying it everywhere . Much easier as this sled glides and this old dog can be taught new tricks. The snow is now powder on top of shiny frozen ice as the heavy snow , then wet snow and a quick freeze has left it treacherous for all of us to walk on. Lacy our vintage horse has been confined to barn and paddock for her own safety and special needs girl Rose is reminded to go slow and stay in her nest until i get to her at feeding times. The wild birds have been fed this morning too and i am currently unthawing the humming bird feeder i left out over night by mistake. The animals i am sure are extremely bored in this weather as it is pretty well bed weather and it is only the food that breaks up these long days with no grazing or rooting to be had. Perhaps a special treat of alfalfa is in order for delivery to them all today as the sun is shining with clear sky's on this frozen white tundra and i must look past the work and see the beauty in it all.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Roscoe , They Just Want To Be Loved

This precious baby was pulled from a litter as the runt and saved from being trampled on and then eaten ( if he made it to 5 months old). The people had no way of keeping him and reached out to Hearts On Noses Sanctuary. 12 years ago . . By fluke i had an approved family not too far from here and had been out there several times. I thought the couple were wonderful . They were checked out and yes they would take this baby big pig. Roscoe too young to be neutered but under contract to do so found his way to this new home. The red flags started immediately. They didn't have straw for him when his arrival was a day away . They came here and got all my stuff such as a portable pen for the house , bedding and dishes .
I began calling this family every two weeks once he was of age to neuter and after months of promises and me working full time well more time went by.
I was heading out to pick up some homeopathic remedies and by fluke i ended up on the very street Roscoe lived at. Not prepared with treats when i jumped out of the truck i started to grab the rich grass on this 5 acre piece so i had something to offer Ros. The family were both outside working and the women looked at me and asked "do they like grass?" You have no idea the huge red flag this is and my blood was boiling when i asked " did you get him neutered ?" and they replied "no". .
While walking up the hill to the little pen they had when i approved them there he was ,..laying in mud , the water container was bone dry and his house without one shred of bedding in it. I said to the women " he is not living like a companion animal!! And she said " yea well we were thinking of getting rid of him"... WTF?? They were under contract and i told them both in no uncertain words that i would be back with a horse trailer and take care of that . .
Roscoe is our biggest guy here and he most certainly just wants to be with you. When he is running about the acreage at will he will try and bash in the feed shed doors , tip over wheelbarrows and flip benches cause he can, He really just wants to hang out with you and be loved. You have to stop what your doing and feel the warmth of his huge self as he stands as close to you as possible . He looks into your eyes and opens his mouth with big ha ha ha's and i hold onto his big head and kiss his blonde bristles. His love pours from his giant self into your heart and yours back to his as the warmth crawls up your legs and you hold him as best as you can. Its a hug from an innocent species that from no fault of their own is imprisoned by the billions , tortured then executed as a babies so you can eat them.
Please stop eating babies it for Roscoe ..

Thursday, January 11, 2018

< Ear notching tells the producer which litter the pig was born to. The tool they use ,( pictured here ) is like a pair of scissors with razor blades .. No they do not be nice to the little pigs when they do this none of this is nice and of course no sedation either ... just a screaming baby grabbed and held screaming while they slice his little baby ears . If you eat pigs your eating babies PLEASE STOP EATING BABIES and put an end to this barbaric and cruel industry.

Sharing is Not Always Caring

Sharing stories of animals in distress helps bring awareness if someone will get past the horror and read the post and be active in doing something to bring about changes. Sharing is not caring if all its doing is circulating the abuse and no one is actually doing anything about it except sharing it. Calling The SPCA is not enough but emailing every animal rescue in the area , calling emailing the city council , protest store fronts, use social media by net working , call the local veterinarians , call the local newspapers , animal advocates, animal activists groups , create a petition, put posters up, radio stations and for lack of better works be a real pain in the ass to everyone!! The animals need you to do this and if the animals need vet support raise the funds with all the contacts you have made and get them there., If you love animals and you see harm or abuse or feel things are not right, THERE NOT RIGHT and stand up and do what needs to be done!! I see some article in the paper about the farm where those calves are and the SPCA will not be laying charges even tho many animals died there from lack of medical intervention and many more will die there for the same reason . Another crappy petting zoo supported by the general public to fulfill the need to see baby farm animals and just like the one in Kamloops!! Where is the help for them?? STOP SUPPORTING ABUSE by going to any public venue that has a petting zoo, they are using animals to suck you in to going there and buying what ever they are selling.
And one final note if your part n the grande scheme of making change is being an Activist then where the animals are makes NO difference,,get to work!! Rescuers simply can't do everything here !! 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DO NOT SUPPORT petting zoos by attending for your children as there are rescues everywhere that are more suited and take care of there animals unlike ANY PETTING ZOO does. Petting Zoos are using YOU and the animals in there care. If they don't eat them they are being shipped to slaughter and someone else will. And if they keep them during the winter months when they are closed it is only to breed them so YOU have cute babies to gawk at during the season , to be sold to anyone and or shipped again at end of season for slaughter. If your schools are arranging visits to anywhere with petting zoos is it up to you to refuse this outing and voice why!! Your participation in the visits perpetuates this treatment happening over and over again as there is no shortage of stupid people dumping pets to these users . Look where someones pets ends up in -13 temps ( YOUR DOG WOULD FREEZE TO DEATH SO WILL THIS PIG) and how this WESTSYDE PETTING ZOO also called LITTLE FARMERS PETTING ZOO in Kamloops is caring for her, Here is the phone number to voice your outrage
Phone: +1 250-571-2453
Also please call the SPCA at +1 250-376-7722