Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vegan Potluck!!!

Celebrate a 5th annual vegan Compassionate ThanksLiving Potluck Celebration this year by partaking in this feast of thanks and bounty! This is your chance to build community and share delicious nourishment with like-minded people during this holiday time. Socialize with new and old friends over a selection of live musical entertainment. All are welcome to attend! This is an animal-friendly event, so please bring a vegan dish, cut and portioned as needed, with at least 8 servings (no dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, whey/casein, or other byproducts). Also, please bring a plate, cup, and cutlery for yourself, and a serving utensil for your dish. (a bag for your dirty dishes would be useful, too) If you’re not a cook or are pressed for time, no worries! Sharing store-bought food is fine! Please bring an ingredients list for your dish, and please indicate on it if it is also raw and/or gluten-free. 200 people attended the event last year and we are planning for at least as many this year! It is a family-friendly event, so please bring your loved ones! This event will feature a fabulous RAFFLE fundraiser. Please bring some $ for a chance to win some amazing prizes! Entry is by a suggested donation of $5 at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of entry donation. Proceeds from this event will go to local vegan and animal non-profits, including Meatless Meetup and Hearts On Noses Sanctuary. ACCESSIBILITY There is a special entrance for wheelchairs leading from the right side of the parking lot straight into the hall. The accessible washroom (doorway measuring 27″ wide) is located one level up. Don't hesitate to ask a volunteer for any assistance needed. This event is generously sponsored by ADAV, the Oakridge Seventh Day Adventist Church, Laura-Leah Shaw: RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside, Nature's Path Organic Foods, and gardein. We will have many Gardein Holiday Roasts to serve for your eating pleasure! POSTS</b>

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Soft Like Luke

I saw him over 14 years ago, hunkered close to the ground like a cat will do when moving out on his own and searching for food. A short haired ginger boy and i thought man he must be hungry to come to a home where carries the scent of three dogs. I started to leave food out every night on the work bench in my carport . And when i knew he was coming every night i started to sit out there with that food. He would have to get used to me being there to eat and so i sat with a flashlight and a book every night. I enticed him with creme and after a few monthes i would reach out for a pet . One night having gained his trust i grabbed him . I have held a few wild cats in my lifetime and they fight like hell but this cat shivered in my arms. The spare bedroom with an added screen door would be his while he got used to life indoors, the dogs , the other cats and of course the pigs. It was a short haired collie who pushed passed me threw that n door one night and they became fast friends. He is a cool cat i thought , cool like Luke. Luke was diagnosed with cancer such a short time ago. This picture was only taken in May of this summer. Today he was half the cat and when he was found somewhere he never goes this morning i knew he was trying to get away...from his own self. I hope that collie greets Luke on the other side as i told him he might. And i told him i will never forget him and when ever i feel something or someone that feels oh so soft to the touch i will think "soft as Luke" . There will be an empty spot in my arms tonight. .

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Daisy has crossed..

In 2001 the Surrey SPCA contacted me about 3 pigs and so off Maggie and i went to get them. When we arrived we were told one of the pigs had babies so we brought home a total of seven. I named the Mom, Flower and thought it was only fitting to name her only daughter ,Daisy. She had a litter of four and there were two other adults . These pigs were the firsts and ones i call the original ones or of the main herd as they have been with me the longest. Still , these babies are only 12 years old.. Daisy was out with her herd yesterday , and we watched her tail just a wagging to all heck. She had her bouts with arthritis and last few days she was on and off her food. I found her standing in her water dish the night before and i knew she was running a fever.. i got the meds into her and in complete shock i found her lost to this world first thing this morning. She looked perfect to me ....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Third Annual Garage Sale April 27th & 28th

Third Annual Garage Sale April 27th & 28th **** This is not at the Sanctuary!!!!!!**** 33470 12th Ave., Mission, B.C. Saturday 9-4 Sunday 9-1 We welcome donations for our sale please contact Janice at heartsonnoses@shaw.ca for additional information.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Worldwide Vegan Bakesale to benefit Hearts on Noses

Save the date! April 27th - Buy some delicious vegan baked goodies and support animal rescue and advocacy! 3-5 3G Vegetarian Restaurant 3424 Cambie St. Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8 Canada

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sorry I coudn't keep you with me longer ...

About four years ago , still living in Maple Ridge i noticed a little black cat hanging around . She appeared to be staying close by as I would see her at my neighbors. Knowing she didn't belong to him, i started leaving food out for her on my bench in the carport. One day talking to my neighbor over the fence , the little black cat came up in the conversation. Mario told me he could pet her. I was surprised and asked him if he was feeding her and he told me he was. I then asked if he was going to bring her inside and he wasn't so i asked him to stop feeding her so i could get her. When the food was taken away over there she was forced to come to my place more often. A place with a big dog , many pigs and horses ..but she would of already met Luke , our big orange tabby. And she did come and joined Carport Penny as i prepared a nice warm safe place for her on top of Penny's house that was tucked in the back of my double carport. I called her Patou, short for Cutie Patootie. She was jet black, little tough fluff ball from living in the outside world and she would eat anything and everything. Trying to get in her to stay in the Big hosue when we became trust worthy was another story. I would bring her inside and shut doors that only cats could get threw and left a window open for her. Having lived outside for Lord only knows how long, it was her safe world now. I left a window open so she wouldn't feel trapped , but every morning her bed i had prepared for her inside on top of the dryer would be empty. When I moved us all here in December of 2009 her and Luke were both confined inside until i was sure they had grown accustomed to there new surroundings. There was no carport here, no benches to leap up on and get up to the rafters. And over time it became obvious to me that both cats now didn't want to go outside and were perfectly happy. Doors open for pigs and dogs during the summer months lured them out for a quick pee and right back in again. Patou's health started to decline and a few weeks ago her weight dropped dramatically. A vet trip and home with medication. Suspected cancer would be looked at if and when we got her stable. She ate all her dinner last night but i could see she was not doing as well as i had hoped after a week of meds. When i woke up this morning I found her flat out on the living room floor. I thought she was gone... Roxane and I got to the vets before they were open and they took her right in. An hour later we were told she wasn't going to make it. I don't know who didn't care about you when you came upon us. We were told you were about 15 years. Not old for a cat well looked after but i suppose it is , for one who wasn't for her first 11-12 years. I will miss you sitting on the edge of the couch bumping me..holding your head into my cheek for a moment . I will miss you pushing your face in my dish when i am trying to eat dinner. I will miss your meow, your face and your little big self.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hearts On Noses Gets Punked

Roxane emails me this link ( it won't post) to an ad for a van on Thursday night. We had talked about getting a much needed cheap minivan to safely transport pigs whether it be to pick them up or take them to the vets. I added it to our wish list but in the grande scheme of things here , there are other more pressing priorities. So i open the link and I'm tired its after work and late. All i see is the asking price( 9800.00) and i am thinking " is she nuts" ???? I don't even read the description as no way do we have that kind of money and I was thinking about a 1500.00 van and only after we win a grant. I am emailed her back "are you nuts? " . Roxane is emailing me back that i should write the guy and ask if he will take a tax receipt for it. I am sitting here thinking "you write the guy" , no way is he going to do that and besides i can't afford insurance and maintenance on a second vehicle right now. Saturday arrives and there is only Theresa and Roxane here to do the work but Nancy was here the day before doing the barn up and Kendra and Curtis were here working the pens so today should be a breeze. We decide to not rush into anything and sit down to have a cup off coffee first. When i came outside after putting the water on is when Theresa surprised me with a birthday present and its a electric kettle. I have melted two on the stove now , so this was such a great birthday gift. Roxane is being her bossy self and telling us she wants to tell us a story so i am too sit still for a minute and pay attention. She is going over the ad she sent me and basically recalling every word the guy wrote in it. I am thinking she wrote the guy, and she goes on to say all the guy wants is to be able to use it once in a while and i can have it. True to my controlling nature I am thinking and saying it out loud " screw that i don't want some guy coming in here every time he wants to borrow the van and for sure i don't want him cracking it up on my insurance" . "No, no, no" i go on, i don't want anything with strings attached. Now to be honest i don't know if the cake came first or the van as the present i got to open from Theresa was already making my day but then Roxane says " I'm the guy with the van". WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT its you???????????? Roxane "punked me" and we got us a van!!!!!!!! Rocky has been shopping for a new vehicle but i was clueless to her plan and her setting me up . How cool and so freaking generous!!!!!!!! The day went on to us working the paddocks to keep them up , waters and pools filled . Loading for the dump run and heading out to pick up a load of fresh cut hay. Cleaning out the shed, mowing little bits of the lawn to tidy it up and a new shoot built for Penny. Theresa put all the hay away and fed the kids dinner while more mowing was done by Roxane. We even went out for dinner in between all that and my freinds pulled out of here hot, sweaty and exhausted at about 10 o'clock. Oh i should add that because of my picking nature i pulled something out of the bin at the dump that i think we can use hahaha so we stopped back here to drop it off before going to get the hay. Jose and Wayne were here ( thank you too Wendy) with a truck load of wool blankets and an amazing assortment of stainless steel shelving units , carts and bins. Yesterday was amazing and I am Blessed and so very fortunate to have such wonderful freinds. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!! And I headed in for the couch after they left but stopped in the kitchen for another huge piece of cake.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is it wrong to want more...

Tonight for some reason i feel sad and as i sat down on the front step of the barn with Dior it took everything of me not too cry. She is my oldest friend, having been with me for almost 20 years. She was there when Mark was alive, when my dad was as well and Willy and so many more who have crossed over before us. She is a beautiful sorrel quarter horse and has always been wise before her years. The last few months have been good , i am back to work. Daisy, Willie, Poppy, Jeremy , Joshua and Lucy are here and safe. I have spayed, neutered, bought a new house for them, created space and or found loving homes. So many people support my work here and the pigs truly are safe and happy. I couldn't of done what i have done so far. Is it wrong to always want more so that i can do more and do it better for them? I have a cherished handful of volunteers but we are not enough and last week i thought screw it, i am going to hire someone to get all this stuff done hanging over my head here. Get the drainage finished , dig more trenches and order more gravel. Trim some of the trees around here to let more of the little sunlight we do get in around here. This means of course off to the dump a few ten times .. and get that shed done and rat proofed , fix the doors and get it painted. Fix the pond net and replace that mess with new posts and new netting, install the new filter and water fall given to us. Was i forgetting how much money i put out as we don't have the money to hire anyone to do this and maybe that is why i am sad. Sure i find grants we can apply for but i need help to do them. Pub nights are postponed cause there are too many events surrounding our date , folks are heading off for vacations now . And we are getting some awesome donations in for a garage sale that will never happen unless we find someone where to have it. I keep saying "we " but who the hell is the we when its seems to be only me worrying about all of this. It takes either more volunteers or more money to hire someone to do it. I don't have either. My year end is past due , i got my letter from the Government but i am only one person doing the best and the very most i can. I can't afford to loose my status or pay the 600.00 fine to get it back. Maybe it is the rain that is getting me down , sick of the mud and and the wet around here and the damage being done to the grass as we try and work dry areas in. My favorite car was because of my first love, he had a 55 chevy... now i am a 55. Well i will be in a few days, is this what is getting me down? And everyone has to pay taxes so where is the 3400.00 going to come from? Oh yea just tack that on your overdraft loan..again. What a depressing post so here is a few pictures of Lucy who is on her way to fitness as she comes out to eat dinner...