Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

It is a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for unless we pay a handsome price a pig here would never bite into one. As pig rescuer i have never got a bag of dog food , cat food or horse food donated by any pet food store in the 17 years I have been doing this. The only food i did get donated had to go to the dump as it was so full of mold. I have never had a tool gifted cause it had a dent in it or a price reduction in materials i needed for a build. I have never in all my years had a truck pull up with a load of hay or straw for bedding for our harsh winter months. We get no discount on our feed bill but we spend thousands every 6 weeks on it . Once in a while i will get bags of the hay swept off of someones barn floor that i can use for bedding. and i m grateful. Today I spent all afternoon driving around Mission to Pitt Meadows asking for a decent price on the left over pumpkins a few stores had . There are two places I will never walk into again as they couldn't be bothered to help me and basically treated me like shit. I did buy a load of pumpkins and spent almost 100.00 for them. And when i think of all the years i have been looked down on because i rescue pigs i could of cried all the way home after yet another demeaning day. .

But I won't because of those of you and we are not many who do give a shit and if not for your help these Heart pigs

that live here or were placed in good homes around B.C. would all be dead. Sure a few rescues scattered about have pigs but they are simply token pigs and added to the collective. They are not the Number Ones there and thought of in highest regard , not for who they are , how clever and precious . It is why each and every donation is precious to me , it is why each person who gives up their time to work here and give of themselves for the pigs that keeps me going . It is that event , that donation or that trip to pick up or gather something we can use here to make the lives better for the pigs that i am so very grateful for. . I got our Pumpkins , kids - and to those of you who help me , thank you they are going to love them/

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