Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marching Along

My sister just left and we spent the morning picking/raking manure from the big pasture the horses use. We could of spent all day out there but she was also picking up another truck load of garage sale items. I had quite a few truck loads and tons of quality new and used items. An awesome couple who closed there store sent us a few van loads of there merchandise so this is going to be good!! And friends are still bringing me stuff so i think we are going to need more tables!!

The Garage Sale is April 2 and 3rd at 33470 12th in Mission. Please join us if you can!!

Notice i am home in the middle of the week again? I did get that job and spent one of the worst 3 1/2 days of my life there. Not a friendly place by any means and a service manager who needs to be replaced. Oh well that's life and it was too far away anyhow.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful and the pigs have been spending full days out every other day as i switch herds. Erin brought over a nice donation of fresh cut lettuce and a hug bag of buns. So the pigs all had a salad appetiser before there meal and were surprised to see me serving them three rounds when i came back with there apples for desert.

Rose was feeling might frisky and went into a spin and buck that had her chasing me behind a tree. And later charged me from behind and gave me a nice hip check before veering off. Spring is in the air and everyone is feeling giddy for it.

I got the tax receipts out a little earlier then normal and the newsletters went out a week later. If your missing yours , you should of received yours by now no matter where you are so please get a hold of me! And if you would like to see our newsletter on line drop me an email and i will email you the link. Its a PDF file and i am not sure how to change that into one i can post here.

Oh and an amazing show of help here last Saturday , we had 9 of us here working!!! How cool is that!!! Lots of extra stuff got done , all the broken rakes replaced with new and more gravel moved.

Its been a few weeks since i posted but someone dumped a little dog here. This was the Wednesday prior to me starting that job from Hell. My sister loading up stuff again called out to me that someone was here with a little dog. There are only a few people who come with there dogs that Buddy knows so i quickly ran out there to see. No cars out front and Buddy was standing by the side of the house watching this little gray fluff ball going across the back pasture.

It took a few minutes to gather her up into my arms and her little pink tongue was hanging out a mile. Within the hour i had called Animal Control out here and the SPCA to let them know i found a dog. I also put a huge sign out front and a notice at our community mail box. At the time i thought it would be a matter of hours before there rightful owner would be out looking for this little fluff. Once we got to check her out she had clearly not been taken care of. The mats were like thick crusts under her senior clouded girl eyes. Her ears were infected and her teeth must of been painful too. It only took me 24 hours to know this little dog needed to be groomed but it would be safe to have her vetted first and that would require blood work to start.

A wet and rainy day when she arrived her coat was dry and my fencing secure , some one must of put her over the fence. This little dog needed a professional senior dog rescue and that is exactly what i had to do. She got what she needed from my friends and is in a "foster to adopt" home now getting everything a little pick me up dog needs. No one called to claim her and i wonder if she had been much loved by a senior before and the kids got rid of her.

Well a stopped for a bit here as Judy and Pat arrived with a car load of nice things for the sale, a beautiful painting!! And I need to eat something and get off my feet before i feed dinner to them all.


Jean said...

Aw, 'my' piggies look so happy!

How nice that you had so many volunteers last weekend - looking after all those pigs is a BIG job.

I'm making a one-day trip to the mainland this coming Tuesday, and will drop off a box of items we discussed for selling on EBay or at the garage sale. Won't be able to stay more than a minute, as it'll be a very long day and I don't want to get caught in rush hour traffic nor miss the last ferry home.

Anonymous said...

poor little doggie! please keep us informed of how it works out!
the piggies look great in the sunshine.:)

Janice Gillett said...

It broke my heart to let her go and my Mom left here crying. Mom is 88 and has a dog and it would of been too hard on her to care and walk two dogs . This dog cried the entire time when we went out to feed the animals so i rigged a tub in a wagon and we pushed her around with us. Leaving her lone all day while i was at work was not acceptable.

She is doing great with a stay at home lady and has a little dog freind too.