Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Proceeds from the sale of Pigstuff items benefit rescued pigs - Pigtailz Junction.

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Friends of Potbellied Pigs

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The Pike County Humane Society, Inc said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes on our fund raiser. Thanks for all you do for the piggies.

The Pike County Humane Society, Inc said...

BTW, have you seen this pig video? Cutest little guy, Mudslinger, so smart! And we just love how gentle his trainer speaks to him.

Janice Gillett said...

Yes , that is John Vincents pig. I love how he speaks to them too and actually was on the phone with him years ago.

Most piggy sanctaury directors are joined together on a co-op sanctaury list (a yahoo group), John is a member too.

We can share behavior and medical challanges and of course cross posting accross the country makes it easier when trying to find help for our freinds.